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For HER, for HIM, for BRIDES and much more

Colour analysis
Analysis of the figure and the face
Beauty & make up (basic principles, to learn the techniques and tricks of an immediate rejuvenation, without the help of a professional)
Personality analysis
Analysis of that much feared wardrobe
Personal shopping

Colour analysis
Analysis of the physique
Personality analysis
Wardrobe analysis
Personal shopping

Targeted accompaniment for awareness shopping
This service is obviously effective if preceded by an analysis of the colours, figure, face and personality, in order to allow most of the time to be dedicated to shopping, without the need to dwell on doubts about colours or styles
Furthermore, it’s an opportune time to make, as far as possible, a preventive analysis of the wardrobe, to avoid useless purchases or to improve the arrangement of its contents

For the BRIDE and the GROOM
From the marriage proposal to the honeymoon
Analysis of colours, shapes and styles, for both the bride and the groom.
Consultations also extend to the parents of the spouses, as well as the witnesses, pagers, sisters, brothers and friends of the couple

Themed party with girlfriends and boyfriends
A memorable evening in company
Bridal shower
Personal styling
Look therapy

The structure of the party is defined individually for each event

Curvy shopping
Outlet tour
Children and teenagers
Remote consultations via computer
Private events in shops